Monday, February 4, 2013

Boyz Making Good

Todd Glew of Ovando, MT was out and about yesterday doing what he loved: guiding people around the mountains.  While showing his group Upper Silver Fork in BCC, he witnessed a skier from another party get caught and buried.  Quick thinking and his training paid off.  The buried skier was located, dug out, and revived with a few quick rescue breathes.  Good work, Todd!
  • UAC  - you can see the excavation in lower portion of the debris field
  • Fox Utah 
The Glewstik

So next time you are at Trixi's, buy him a beer, or better yet, two

In lighter news, Fay was spending the day at Electric Mountain in the town of Alta, UT.  The East Castle Gate is portal to some of the the best skiing in Alta: long consistent fall lines, plenty of options for the boom-boom-huck-jam, and sneaky entrances to some of the rowdiest lines in the resort.  Eagle Peak, the Castle Couloir, and the West Wall are all highly visible from all around Electric Mountain yet they rarely see tracks.  Fay got the West Wall in excellent conditions and a moment was captured by one of Company's indentured servants.

Does it go?
(Maybe So and Maybe Not)

Thank you Electric Mountain


 - U.K.


  1. Are you skiing out of Ovando these days?

  2. I am always down to tour from Ovando now that I live in Whitefish. I will have to buy that Hero a brew next time I am hanging out at Trixies. Best Bar in Montana!

  3. I love skiing in Ovando, I actually have skied every peak in the Swans naked