Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Photos: AK

It's been a busy summer - record warm temperatures (70's) and an incredible streak of sunny days.  Winter was long but once the sun decided to show up the snow went fast.  Warm days and short nights conspired to quickly dissipate the snow.  Corn skiing was in short supply this year we went from mid-winter conditions to summer snow in about 10 days in late May.  But, as always, we've made the best of a great situation!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the 1st half of the summer.


  - U.K.

Foraker/Hunter/Denali and the Knik Arm (2AM)
Above Anchorage- June 18

The Noodler and N$ on an Underused Trail
Falls Creek - June 6

N$ High in Falls Creek
June 6

This Narrow Gully Connected to the Ridge
Mountain Harp - June 8

Melting Tarn
Penguin Ridge - June 23

Tincan - July 7

Todd's from the Seward Highway
July 7

Mountain Sukakpak and the Koyukuk River
Brooks Range - July 11

The Noodler and the Fog
East Twin Peak - July 14

Dip Netting
Kenai River- July 19

Filleting on the Beach
Kenai River - July 20