Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Provo peak & and utah boyz return to blogging

Josh leaving rock canyon and praying to Jobroni that he gets another ski day like that in the golden hills of Provo

  Since our Utah chapter has blogged in a couple months, I finally broke down and posted something.  Everybody must assume were having a crappy season.  Well we had a slow start but things have changed since our 80 inches in a week.  Avalanche danger has been pretty scary, and we've been playing it conservative.   Were hopefully going to get on some lines that aren't 25 degrees in tight aspens.  Not that it hasn't been fun, I just don't think any skier boyz have  been motivated to blog about skiing danny's drop into the aspen meadows, or riding Will's hill with clothes on.

With that being said,  Josh and I headed down south this morning to go have a look at Provo Peak.  It sits back in Rock Canyon, adjacent to Cascade Ridge.  I saw it last year when we were plucking some cascade couloirs out.  It's impressive looking west faces was our objective.

It was good trek just to get up to the West ridge.  It looked like the best ascent route, there it is looming over Josh.

After finally gaining the saddle, the ridge still went on some 3000 vertical.  

I'm not going to lie I was pretty psyched to get to the summit, the ridge had more false summits then we had expected.

Josh celebrating the upcoming downhill skiing.  We got to the summit around 3:oo, after a long up hill.  We traversed the ridge towards the north to access the northwest bowl.  We skied the West facing side of the bowl avoiding the avalanche gully.  It was perfect creamy powder.

The skiing was  really good and we got to ski like the uncle  for the middle section of the run. I can't write anymore because of this underlining that I somehow can't enable.  Hope your turns are deep