Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hatch These Trax!

MLKJ day was good to the Boyz in Alaska. After a couple months of rain crusts and/or low visibility and/or gale force winds and/or bitter cold, everything came together at Hatchers Pass. A foot of Mormon quality blower snow was waiting for us; paired with a windless, cloudless day, with temperatures in the low twenties you couldn’t have scripted it better.

A perfect day at Hatchers

The Uncle, Miss AK, and myself headed out from the Marmot parking lot with high hopes for what would turn out to be the best day of skiing up at Hatchers we’ve had all season and the completion of a three range, three day trifecta for the Uncle. With only 9 other people skiing from the trail head there was no rush, no matter what, there would be something fresh for everyone.

Reaching the top of Marmot it was hard to ignore the opportunity to ski in the sunshine. We ignored a steep shot to the North and backtracked a little to an untouched leeward slope. It felt great to ski in the sunshine and without a cloud in the sky you could see far enough ahead to open it up a bit. It was too good not to go back up.

At the top of Marmot

Miss AK Sussing the shady side

The Uncle getting it done

Setting the steep path to 2nd lap victory

We set the skinner up a ridge between the shot we skied and another untouched shot to the South. The light snow made for light work but not without some tough kick turns. We skied the shot to the South and headed back to the car. Another few feet of snow and the Skier Boyz Alaska Chapter will be doing some serious exploratory work in this area. Keep it coming AK…we’re ready.

© GB6K

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 Days, 3 Ranges

Got after it this weekend: Chugach, Kenai, Talkeetna Mountains.  The snow has been great, but the light has been terrible up until Monday.

I think I hit a child at about 0:36.

- Omar Suarez

P.S. EE sent me an awesome photo of a line we got back in '01.

Broad Fork Twins into North Fork of Deaf Smith