Monday, March 30, 2009

AK Update II

Well, if its not the volcano it's high winds or high winds and a volcano.  We still haven't made it out yet.  We spent all day Saturday chilling at the Majestic Mountain Lodge and Meekin's hangar waiting for a weather window.  The lodge and flying service are located about 120 miles NE of Anchorage.  Meekin had made a beer run down to Palmer in one of his Super Cubs and got stuck there.  The folks at the Lodge were extremely nice.  The fed us and let us use a room to sort our food.  
The weather started to clear.  We heard a plane and Meekin landed on his snow runway.  We exploded the gear in his hanger and got everything organized.  We picked a new objective: the Powell Glacier.  The Super Cub is a two seater (Pilot and Passenger).  Brett loaded his gear and they took off.  Chills.   Until he returned about 45 minutes later.  High winds and glacier fog.  
High winds forecast for Sunday so we headed back to Sutton.  We hit up the Alpine Inn for some beers.  We met a real Alaskan treasure: Earl.  He took a special shine to me and petted my hair quite a bit.  Em and Brett learned what a bell in an Alaskan bar means; you ring it you buy the bar a round.  Earl rang it, Brett rang it, Earl rang it, and the shame spiral was full on.
We went back to Uncle Tom's Cabin for pasta.  We were planning on riding out the wind by skiing Hatcher Pass on Sunday.  Sunday morning: ash, but maybe not too much.  Wrong, balls ash everywhere at Hatcher.  To the liquor store and Joanna Fabrics.  The Spiral was starting to grow, swallowing up cars and farm animals.
Today, no ash, new snow and down to Turnagain.  The weather looks good for Tue-Thur, so hopefully, we fly.  

Ash at Hatcher Pass
Brett flying out
Mike Meekin's hangar and our shit
Squin prusik-ing at the condo
Redoubt blowing on Friday night