Thursday, March 8, 2012

Early March Update: AK

Light has returned facilitating after work tours and Anchorage is 9" shy of the all time snow record. There really hasn't been a warm up this winter, so pretty much every inch that has fallen is still here. The skiing around town has been spectacular. The trailheads for all of these shots are within 20 miles of downtown Anchorage.

Peak 3

Anchorage and her Sleeping Lady from Near Point

Booting up along the Turnagain Arm.

Flat Top

West Harp Bowl

Also Anchorage just finished celebrating their winter festival: Fur Rondy. This fest is 77 years old, but the Running of the Reindeer is a recent addition. Basically you have 7 petting zoo reindeer and about 1,000 drunk people in costumes. The mob starts forward and about 1 minute later, the terrified reindeer are released behind the crowd and then gallop through the masses for some reason. A sober person would try to avoid these animals, but a drunk generally tries to play grab ass. I would never participate in such an event.

- U.K.