Thursday, December 29, 2011

Get out of that Inversion/Smog

If you've ever spent a winter in the Greater Salt Lake area you will know what I'm talking about.

But those of you that are new and feel a bit grossed out and are thinking about moving here's something to think about.

From our home around the Wasatch and 3500 S. area it looks like a cloudy day.

With these low clouds and moisture in the air we have been getting rime snow.
You can see here in these photos that there is some snow falling at our house.

I would normally think it's been snowing in the mountains.

The first tip I have is to get on your computer and take a look at the web cams of your favorite mountains.

If your taking a look today 12/29/11

you will see it's been getting ready to snow for real and its not blue bird like it's been for the past few weeks.

The visibility in the city is about a mile and makes me feel a bit sick. As we start our drive up Wasatch it still looks like it's going to be socked in up there.

Oh whats this? A blue spot and the clouds getting thinner.

As we made our way up the canyon the clouds break and the sun is fully

shining it's love down on us. An over whelming feel of joy comes over me.

I quick lap on the Peruvian chair to get space and fresh air out of the tram.

You can really see the Inversion as you get further up.

Beautiful blue sky's. The attitude of people up here is positive.

Is I talk with friend in line, on lifts, and out on the hill the grim amount of snow

doesn't matter. Everyone says "I'm just glad to be out of that Inversion."

As I look down off Hidden Peak I feel sorry for all of poor people stuck down canyon and am so thank full for the life I'm able to live.

Even if you don't ski or ride there's a bus that for few bucks will bring you up and down canyon.

You can take a seat on the Tram deck and have lunch and a beer.

For the real brave stop by your local D.I. and get a ski set up and ski free after 3:00 pm on the Sunny Side lift at Alta.

Get some fresh air and some Vitamin D.

Come on up and watch the sun set for a change.

It will be good for you.

Thanks to Snowbird, Alta, and mother Earth for making this possible.

Peace, Crossman.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

All I want for Christmas is my 2 feet deep.

Santa delivers at Arctic Valley