Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of Winter

I know, I know most of y'all still have gobs of snow. You make sure to let me know this 6 times a day. I get it.

I have officially accepted winter is over as of today. Sub-par (shitty) conditions and a 2-mile stroll to the snow persuaded me. The approaches are longer, the overnight lows are higher, the objectives are peppered with rockfall, the trees are budding, and it isn't getting dark. This by no means the end of the ski season, just a different mindset. Time to tune the bike, hike a ridge, sit on a deck, expose my war-werried shins to the light.

It was an amazing year. I am so fortunate to be able to share so many adventures with so many awesome people. So here are some of my favorite photos from the last 8 months that remind me how much beauty exists in the mountains.

I encourage all the Boyz to go through photos and put up some of your hidden gems.

- Andrzej

Alpenglow on the Equator

Cornwallis Storming Suicide Chute

Kid Buffalo in Silver Fork

The Wind Sculpted Slopes of Turnagain Pass

Portage Glacier and Portage Lake

Cordova Glacier