Saturday, February 28, 2009

Side tracked to Snapdragon

Snapdragon airy little ramp back in hogum

Nice firm bootpacking

It always looks better when viewed between two skis
After skiing the NW with jordan and boyd since I was in the area I went around the corner and sussed out Snapdragon a little steepen in the back of beautiful Hogum fork, It had a huge cornice on the top so I boot packed up it, hid in a little rock alcove below the cornice and put my skis on the conditions were decent 2 inches of fluff on wind buff it sloughed off so mostly chalk. Anyways sweet steep couloir close to 5o degrees airy ramp feeling to it worth doing if your

2/27 Northwest Coulior of the Phief

After failing to drag my ass out of bed on Tuesday for the solo descent I was up and going a couple days later with Jordan no ACL Beattie and Bret born for this shit Beattie.

Always up for some fun in the sun.

Bret pushing; how far do you want to make turns. Never to hard to talk Bret into setting the rap.

Nothing like some 3/4" bolts to make ya feel like your safe.

Jump turns feel much better without a thirty foot pinch staring ya down.

The infamous Beattie spray!!!

Me trying to send it but ended up with my infamous cartwheel. Uncle you said sending it was safe.

Jordan killin it with suposed "tired legs" oh yea and no fuckin ACL. UNREAL. Sick job Jord.

Uncle Keith's Guide to Day Trip FD's in the Great Basin

Hello Team,

Boo, fucking, hoo.  There are no first descents left in Utah.  Well fortunately for you that is far from true and since Skier Boyz is an equal opportunity sender, the home office has prepared this easy to use guide.   So for those of you who believe an FD is involves ropes, ice daggers, awful snow, hateful approach, and shit yourself exposure, fear not.   After extensive interviews and countless hours of research, our team of unpaid interns have prepared a list of some shots cerca de SLC that you can be the 1st to ski.  How do we know these are virgins, you ask.?  SLC has no creativity.  

Several years of bumming around the Great Basin brought me to many remote nooks of the state(s).   I always kept my eyes wide open all the time.  I saw things.  I filed things.  Since the odds of me living in the Utahs again are rare, the secrets can be unveiled.  These runs have been in the back pocket just waiting for a rainy (inversion) day.  These shots need to get skied first by the Boyz.  Warning: The approach may be a bit more daunting than Tetris or Shanga-whogivesadamn.  Our interns assure me that these runs are all worthy.  If the descriptions leave you with more questions than answers, please file a claim with the temp agency and through the magic of corporate pie charts and matrices, an intern will be assigned to your case. 

1. Black Crook:  This run has haunted my dreams for years.  It is a carbon copy of Superior's silhouette but only about 2,000 vert.  In the middle of no where.  Get the Gazetteer.   It's about 50 miles West of Provo in the Sheeprock Mts.   Rough approach, unreal location

2. Jefferson Davis:  Shame on all of you for neglecting Great Basin National Park.  Great skiing.  Give them a call before you show up (about 4 hours from SLC) to check road conditions.  You want the road to be open at least half way.  The "gem" is Wheeler, but any jackass can summit that as is evidenced by the jackass performing a controlled descent using a yellow Coleman tent stake.  The "gem" will get you above 13 but your pulse will hover around 70.  Lame.  You want Jefferson Davis.  Go there.  Ski it.

3. North Tent Mountain:  Found this cirque one July while lost on an Mt. Bike ride.  It looked liked someone had taken Wolverine Cirque and ironed it out and made every chute face North.  Seriously.  Its in the Wasatch Plateau.  You'll need a snow machine, but if you put in  the effort it will blow your mind.  Above Morini,

4. Vickory Mountain:  This range was my pet peeve my last year in the Utah.  Not only is it a UFO hot spot, but the skiing looks nasty.  Its in the Stansbury Mountains.  You remember, that place we skied the Twins and got a Christmas Tree..  Gremmy and a Leatherman.  Well, this peak is bit South of that,  You want the dirt road over Clover Springs Pass.  Get out the Gazeteer.   I gave you all the map of the range.  It's time you use used it.

5.  The Tushars.  Come 'on.  Are you kidding me?  This range has unlimited potential.  But if you need specific instructions.....   Alright, who has been there with me that still is in Utah? I gave a BT the TB book.  Go to the resort.  It is a lodge on top resort ala King Ridge (NH) or Blue Mt (PA). ITs been closed for a spell.  Skin up that gay ass chair.  Respect gets respect.  Keep skinning to the peak on your left (the Great White Whale).  Summit it.  Look to the NE.  Yeah.  That's the 3,000 foot cooler we're talking about.  It's big.  It goes on forever.  Ski it.

Get out there.  Keep your eyes open.   Don't let the book define your skiing experience.  A few years back, A. McL. was looking to update the C.G. and he was interested in what I had to say.  Why?  Because I used the book as a lauching pad and expanded it.  Don't let your winter be defined by black and white.  Go get it.

The Uncle

Friday, February 27, 2009

Stansbury Chuting Spree

Took a few days away from the Wasatch to re-visit a place I was originally shown by our faithful President five seasons ago. As most people who are well versed in the lore of Skier Boyz know, "The Skier Boyz are a renegade group of skierz pioneering lines in such places as the Wasatch, the Ochres, and the Stansburys" (Hedgehog, 2004). For this reason, it was due time to plan a winter camping trip to the Stansburys. Headed out on Tuesday morning with Gramps and Dave with plans of skiing the North Coilour, the Twins both on Deseret Peak, and checking out new terrain for future Skier Boyz exploration. We towed in the first 4 miles behind a snowmobile driven by Gramps and then skinned two miles from the Wilderness boundary to where we set up camp. The stench of two stroke oil on my clothing from the snowmobile was made tolerable by the view of the North Couloir immediately above our camp, and the twins in the lookers left. After setting up camp, we decided to do a bit of ski touring for in the late afternoon and ended up doing an amazing dusk patrol of the North Couloir. Boot packing conditions were perfect and skiing was great skiable chalk. On Wednesday morning we decided to head up and set a boot pack up Stefan ( the lookers right twin). The twin couloirs are due north facing and conditions in them were less than ideal. The top section of the right twin was marked by a wind slab that would break when boot packing and deep graupel pools. The graupel was so deep that it was like walking in stryofoam balls that were waste deep. For this reason, we made the call to bail on topping out, in fear that the wind slab would be thicker on the top section and could easily slide on the graupel. These conditions were like nothing i had ever seen. All in all, we still had the opportunity to ski the bulk of the amazing Stefan Couloir and the aesthetic qualities were like no other, definitely the widest deep rocked walled couloir in Utah to my knowledge. After this tour, i had to return to Babylon for work, but Gramps and Dave remained and did two more tours, avoiding shereefs for another 24 hours. At the end of the trip, the boyz opened the North Coilour, the Summit of Deseret, the Bret Couloir, and were shut down by Stefan. We took many photos of the surrounding area and would be PSYCHED to share beta for more exploration. -- Adam M. Lawton

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Northwest couloir Broad Fork Twins

The objective NW couloir of Broad Fork Twins, the pic was taken last friday warm and sunny not the case today.

Boyd reaches the east summit of the twins

Me dropping into the rock lined section of the couloir

Boyd navigates the varible conditions of the couloir

It turns out that the NW was big with some huge rock walls.

happy to be down the thing

We booted back up to the top of Bonkers up a west
facing snow ramp (thanks Keith for the beta). But it wasn't exactly Bonkers it was the face two the skiers right of Bonkers with some interesting terrain somewhere between glide fractures and full on cervasses, in flat light variable ski conditions it had our full attention.

After navigating the terrain at the top we sussed some good snow along side the huge cliff at the bottom

Our line hugged the rock wall lookers right fun but i'm not going back for it any time soon.

Me and the old salt headed up broads for the NW couloir of the twins the skin was long when we gained the ridge we were met by a stiff wind that forced us to skirt the east ridge a little bit lower than ridge proper darn missed the V1 boulder problem in 40 mph winds. Got to the summit and quickly started desending, the couloir is way different then it looks from afar really cool walls and long . Booted up a west facing snowramp to desend back into broads fork the face was interesting with features rare to the wastach I guess it was an alaska prep decent made it down safely and found some decent snow in sections. Two days of touring without seeing another party its only Waas Angelas when its bluebird and powder.

Skier Boyz at Crested Butte

This is the first place the fire ball got parked.

We got one night here and had to move every night for the rest of the week.

Cooking up some dinner with the Boyz.

After dinner after party.

Some of our other friend drove Lars's van from Salt Lake to the Butte.

The Desk you see in van is a hand me down from my little brothers room from our house back in Vermont

Watching the Jr. finals and the qualifier day or the world tour.
Keeping the sun off my fare skin.

This is me finishing my line after kicking off a ski and banging my hip on a rock.

Going from 1st place to 13th place.

This is the day after. The bruise is just getting worse day by day.

Dylan and Brit get the Honor to ski with the Prez.

Another roadside attraction.
Getting ready for the skin up Argenta

We made it to the Ridge and didn't hang out there long.
More vert to go till the top.

A little milking it for the Camera.

Then the skies got milky for the ski down
the Gods Lawnmower.
Keith getting in deep.

Brit getting the goods.

Keith looking for some air time.

Looking back on what God gave us.

The river crossing I made. It didn't last long.

The Prez and Brit looking for a safer crossing

Happy to be back.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And then there were two.

So it was an semi early moning (2/19/09) start in Maybird, beginning the skinner just after six. But after only skinning a few hours. Things were already beginning to take a turn. Lots of small sluffs coming off of the east facing cliffs and even more flash backs of a more than exciting ski on Lisa falls in "08. The group set a 9 o'clock turn around time and was pretty spread out when the time came. Stefan and I(Liam) how ever could see the top and felt it was duable, about 600 feet of booter to set and we would be there. Brett, Jake, Squinny and Will made the call to turn around, which was probably a good once since they would have had a lot of ground still to make up and Stefan and I continued to the top. Which proved to be some great skiing and a successful day. These are short clips of the top chute and mid-section where the best powder of the whole chute was.

Best Reason Not to Squiggle

A good friend was up at Hatcher Pass for Squigglefest 09 on Saturday.  Lots of new snow and a very weak layer.  Let's squiggle!!!   The 4th guy set off the slide, taking out all the tracks.  The slide ran further than expected coming very close to the rendezvous area.  The 4th gentleman was partially buried, but all were OK.

Two Lessons:
 1. Wait in safe zones
 2. Send it

Over the hills and far away

shit show tours redford retrieves a dropped ploe on some slick side hillingPfifferhorn reveals herself from the mistMicah on the eastridge of the Pfiff
Micah dropping the knee on the west shoulder of the Pfiff, the NW couloir is lookers left nice...Soft snow in the Ivory chute
Ivory from belowA shoot right next to Ivory we booted.

Getting high, up in Lcc was definetly the way to go on tuesday, nice day of clouds and breaks of sun skinned up red pine with my bud Micah representing the Heber chapter, summitted the Pfifferhorn via the east ridge then skied the west shoulder into a sub peak of the pfiff ridge skied from the summit down a hanging snowfield to the entrance of Ivory chute a little steepen probably pushen 45 hard telling not knowing, booted a shoot to lookers right a steep one also then enjoyed the eye candy on Thunder Ridge on the way out warm on the exit some huge roller balls. Lotta cool steep shots at the back of hogum short but definetly worth getting back too. way better than doing taxes.