Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Good Old Days

A short film featuring Purple Explosiv Beattie

Absinthe, knife-hits, bonus check mistakes, wave of the future, and shame spirals

Get psyched for the winter

Monday, September 7, 2009

The gathering began to flow in late night with round after round of bottle rockets. Once the select group settled the whiskey began to flow freeely along with the complaints of GOSB and a frightening idea that they may stand in our way on the skinner but on top Skier Boyz remain FREE.

The roars were loud at night but silenced by morning. Only the Picas voice of complaint remain. Empty whiskey bottles and bottled rockets littered a once beautiful meadow that had never seen a gather like so. 

Sending was the main reason for such a gathering and sending was what happened to almost every aspect of the loniest of lone boyz. the one and only lone peak cirque.

The silenced roar of buffaloes, squirrels and unidentified species  where heard amongst the gathering and all knew the friendship was only getting deeper as the whiskey dropped like a Mancross on a slope needed to torn apart.

This day was written in history through this blog and will be remembered for ever!