Saturday, April 9, 2011

Valdez to Cordova Camps

For you GPS / google earth savvy folks, here are the locations of our camps:

"Couloir" Camp (Camp 2): N 60°57.444', W 145°55.063'
"Chasms Deep" (3): N 60°56.909', W 145°53.902'
"Bat Wing" (4): N 60°55.440', W145°50.083'
High Camp (5): N 60°53.885°, W 145°45.397'
Lost Camp (6): N 60°52.104', W 145°41.965'
Toe Camp (7): N 60°49.512', W 145°34.305'
Crag Camp (8): N 60°49.135', W 145°33.399'
Upper Rude (9): N 60°46.812', W 145°31.712'
Wet Camp (10): N 60°40.535', W 145°35.387'
Pick-up Point N 60°39.641', W 145°39.760'

Weather, heavy snow, white-outs, low snow, open rivers, heavy loads, and route finding made for slow going. There were multiple times where we had to shuttle gear making it necessary to cover the same ground multiple times. Bush-whacking made for slow going too. Often in the evening after camp was set up, we would set out in the evening to break trail through deep snow, so the track would be in for the next day. Please don't think too poorly of us.

Photos and prose to follow shortly.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Valdez to Cordova I

We are now resting safely back in Anchorage. It was an incredible trip and we learned loads. Yesterday we finished up our final bushwhack / salt marsh slog / river crossings and caught a harrowing boat ride to Cordova. New friends drove us to the Skaters Cabin on the edge of town where the wood stove was already cranking out the heat. Stories were swapped, whiskey was drank, sushi appeared, and gear was dried, and on to the bar where things got hazy.

Thanks to those who helped us achieve our goal: Rusty, Barry, Gordon, Torry, Josh, John, Ernie, Marley, and Annie K!

Details and photos over the next few days.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rainbow Peak

Just some of the great views from Rainbow Peak on Monday. After this bluebird day it was right back to the 2011 dump-a-thon. This season is really sizing up with nearly a 200" base and this next storm could push the average to 600". I couldn't agree more the words of The Prophet regarding the Dick Coaster. Don't forget the aggressive closures prompted by Oh'no & Tight-Ass. Too much time in the canyon can make people crusty. Crusty people tend to want to spread their misery. Names may need to be added to the "D.T.C. for life" list.

Upper Hogum

The Pfiefferhorn

Thunder Ridge

Helmet Cam: Rainbow Peak