Monday, November 2, 2009

Like Backcountry Skiing?`

Envision Utah is preparing to present the results of the survey held last spring for the Wasatch Canyons Master Plan and a set of possible scenarios projecting different development management policies and guidelines and their impact on the canyons. Scenarios range from resource protection at all costs to facilitating development at any cost. My impression from seeing a draft of the presentation is that backcountry skiers may not have had much input to this process so far and that backcountry terrain and access is at risk.
The presentations will be made and public comments collected at 4 open house meetings:

  • Wednesday Nov 4 6:30-8:00 pm: Skyline High School Cafeteria, 3251 East 3760 South
  • Wednesday Nov 4 6:30-8:00 pm: Sandy City Hall 2nd Foor multi-purpose room , 10000 Centennial Parkway, Sandy
  • Thursday Nov 5 6:30-8:00 pm: West High School Commons Area, 241 North 300 West
  • Thursday Nov 5 6:30-8:00 pm: West Jordan High School Media Center, 8136 South 2700 West , West Jordan.

Many options are on the table, including different ways of mitigating traffic, different levels of ski area expansion outside of existing boundaries, canyon-to-canyon lifts, requiring permits for backcountry users, reducing the amount of legal trailhead parking in the canyons, and more. If you care about the level of dispersed backcountry access in the canyons and the amount of terrain available to backcountry users, it would be a really good idea to attend one of those meetings or get a copy of the material presented and make your desires known. From their announcement: The Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow process is your opportunity to help update Salt Lake County’s 1989 Wasatch Canyons Master Plan. This plan guides land-use policy for City Creek, Emigration, Red Butte, Parleys, Millcreek, Big Cottonwood, and Little Cottonwood Canyons. With the doubling of the county’s population in the next 30 years, Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow will strive to ensure the long-term health of these treasured canyons, balancing land-use, transportation, and environmental concerns. If you cannot attend an open house, complete the important on-line survey at Tell a friend!!!

I just did the survey because I'm not in Salt Lake and cannot make the meeting and voice myself. You know my opinion and I know yours. Get involved and give a shit. Show up or do the survey please. It kind of seems inevitable that we will get shafted as backcountry skiers and yes snowboarders (sorry Keith). But giving your opinion might help?!?!?? What it comes down to is money. Expansion of the lifts will give Utah more jobs and more money in return. But fuck that!!!! Seems like another Denver in the making? Just the thought of a lift up Flagstaff or some other place or more beaters make me puke in my mouth and wish I could spit that shit in that asshole Shaaareeef's face who won't leave the boyz alone. That fucktard. He's a fucking pickle smooching twitter'erer. See ya'll soon.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Twitter is gay as hell.  But if you must know...
Tom is wasting away to SARS
We skied the Jewell Glacier
Michael Jackson...still dead