Friday, March 27, 2009

Skier Boyz 2nd Nebo ascent

What a way to spend St. Patty's Day. Early on March 17 Shreddy, Brett and I Headed for Mt. Nebo. After a small detour in a gravel pit, some hairy 4 wheelin and some precision parkin. We were on our way. The approach was fairly straight forward for us since an old skinner was still visible. It was still about a 5 1/2 hour ascent, with a few intense boot pack competitions. "Which I let Brett win."
We were the only people to sign the log at the peak since Todd and his group were there on the 28th of Feb. We left "Happy St. Patty's day from the skier boyz" as our log in.
The ski was a steep and tight top section with a chalky snow. Into a more open and mellow shoot which lead to a giant apron of soft corn and three sets of quads that were ready to explode. Diffenenty an awesome area to explore with a lot more potential, I look forward to more trips in the future.

Stairs gulch

So im running a little behind with some blogging but I think its still worthy. Liam, Jake, John F, and Dan C. Headed up bonkers and skiied stairs gulch. Done by many skier boyz before but a first for me and defiantly a classic. The conditions were still very soft. Even after a few days of sun.

The pics show John at the top and Jake and Dan not far behind and Liam finishing the 2nd pitch of the ski.

Alaska Update

Well, of course the volcano blew, and of course the volcano is right next to the Neacola Mountains, and off course the ash cloud destroyed our plans.


We got a new game plan. We'e flying out of Sheep Mountain Lodge with Meekin' to the Scandinavian Hut. Hopefully the Yvergenhauf Couloir is filled in. The hut is at 5,000' and we'll be in an area more known for the climbing than the skiing. We'll be surrounded by 8,000 and 9,000' peaks which we will ski regardless if they are technical climbing routes or not. Ice and snow will rain down on the angry climbers as we try to make one more jump turn.

Should be interesting.

In other news:
GB6K, Squin, Bret and I skied Hatcher yesterday under mostly sunny skies. We skinned to the top of Skyscraper and sent 2 laps in El Dorado Bowl. The snow was surprisingly good.

One of the original founding fathers, the Pennsylvania Prince, arrived in Rage City 2 weekends ago to get the rust off his Purple Explosives. We (GB6K, UK, Kat, PA Prince) skied Sunburst at Turnagain and the next day we (UK, Kat, Annie K, PA Prince) took a couple of laps in El Dorado under blue bird skies with about 12" of the fresh AK goodness.

Other than that, trip preparation dominates the day.

- U.K.