Thursday, April 9, 2009

Newest Member

What have we learned?  Brett leaves the Wasatch; it dumps.  Liam can't spell.  Skiing powder is easy.  The Chugach will kick your ass and teach you more in 9 days then you ever thought possible.  And after a 4,000' vertical approach  involving two glaciers, a couloir, and a sketch ridge/face rock/snow ascent; Squinny will send the booter to the top of a 9,000' Chugach monster and bake you cookies. 


More to come

Monday, April 6, 2009

mother wasatch strikes back.

Let me tell you a little tale of the time a skier boy left the wasatch. As the myth goes,the fore fathers once told me, if a skier boy was to leave the wasatch the wasatch would strike back.... On March 23rd 2009 this myth became reality.
Brett Beattie one of the fore fathers of the skier boyz finished packing his bags early monday mornin and you could tell things were about to go arye in the mountains. The winds were changing and the buffulo were calm waiting for what was approaching. The storm came in slow and quite as a ninja through the night, no one knew what was on the horizon only that it had the potential to be epic.
It was not until that crucial moment on Monday at 5 o'clock when an unknown voice whispered through the air. "All passengers headed to Alaska this is your last boarding call." And all at once as if Mother Wasatch was watching from a far, she began to bring her rath down upon us in a furry like no other. With wind,snow and lighting she challenged any other skier boy to leave her side. For two weeks she would not let us leave the white room and at times took away your ability to breath and see, as you made your way through the blanketed forest floor.
So that is the tail of a skier boy... The wasatch had a record setting 2 week total of 170 inchs before she began to calm. So if you see Brett Bettie roaming around the streets of Salt Lake talkin to himself with his bottle of whisky and a squinny pup at his side be sure you shake his hand and thank him, for he was the choosen one...the one who brings the powder!
Liam.... See you guys soon.

Dan Curran dropping the top of Superior S face.
Liam Obrien thanks Bret B and God for this moment in the Lawnmower.

Talia Keys likes her chowder blower.

NH Tom finds birch bliss.