Friday, April 1, 2011

Soggybottom Boyz

After i missed there call on Monday night i decided to carry my phone on me at all times! i also put it on speaker and vibrate just to make sure i didn't miss it. Thursday morning while i was shopping for breakfast off it goes and to my excitement Bret was on the other side! Now the last missed phone call i received stated that they decided to stay on the original route that was supposedly impassable. Talking to Bret they decided to stay with it because they new it and....well i guess we'll see if it is impassable. The past few days they have been getting dumped on, and it came in wet, heavy and with a vengeance! Needless to say wet bodies, lots of snow and heavy packs have made this pretty slow going. As of Thursday they had made it to the highest point on there route where, Wortmanns, Woodworth and Browns Glacier all meet up (which looking at the map I believe is around 5000) and they would be starting there decent onto the Cordova Glacier and into Cordova through Rude Lake. Its been alot of ups and downs, but this morning Bret said they woke to clear skies and BEAUtiful peaks, which makes it all worth while! I plan to talk to them Saturday morning so i will keep ya posted!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mountain Cristo

We went in search of lifeforms of higher intelligence last evening in the Wasatch Mtns. No luck this time, just another heady morning of universal connections. Once the nostalgia of a sunrise over the turquoise mtns wore off, we had a business meeting. On top of Mountain Cristo, cell phone coverage was kind spotty. Dont tell anyone, but I heard Dick Ass I mean Dick Bass (Snowbird Ski Resorts President/Owner whatever, basically the rich Texan ass clown and local asshole who wants to put a ROLLER COASTER up Superior)... also wants to put a Cell Phone tower on Monte Cristo! WELLLLLL you know what I want to do? Somehow get rid of all these rich, old, soulless, and heartless business tycoons who have been fuckin shit up in the world for way to long. Dick Bass, Dick Cheney, Dick whoever, all the Dicks of the world need to leave this earth. Its way to special of a place for assholes like ya'll to be ruining it in so many ways....If all the Dicks of the world were ever found in LOT, wooks would have then hanging upside down from a tree with their mouths duct taped and a sheet of doses duct taped to their sweaty foreheadz.

On a lighter note, it was pretty fun laying down some eights on the "edge of the world," and skiing above Disney World I mean Snowbird and the Salt Lake Valley.