Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Goes Free!

Having such an Epic snow year in the Wasatch the boyz began to talk about skiing some trade routes that rarely see a free ascent. One of these lines is the classic NW couloir off the Pfeiferhorn. This man balls monday turned out to be perfect for the objective. It just snowed 40 plus inches over the weekend and the snowpack has been bomb proof as far as we had seen. When you climb and ski the Pfeif "little Materhorn" you are very high up in the Hogum drainage where exciting lines are abundant. This late in the season it is virtually impossible to have a Hogum Hero day, due to lots of east facing exposure and warming temps, but for the mortal boyz two classy lines = a fine day!

Early morn sun on the Coalpit Headwall. Our way out.
Little Matterhorn, Objective #1 before Stefan sent the skinner then boot pack to the top.
Buffalo soldier marching on and on.
The Paco Kid on the summit ridge of the Pfeif.
Stefan and Josh harnessed up for the drop in not knowing how filled in the NW would be.
Stefan drops in first. Beautiful line, almost unreal!
The Paco kid descending the NW for the first time ever! Lucky.
Stefan, Hollbrooking his way down to the choke. Does it go?
It goes Free! with little side stepping and tip and tail scratching. Good style SB, who has never had to make the rappel.
This is what the choke looks like above the Boyz. Not much snow left for the next party to descend. The way we like it.
Boyzd It! Take a look at the NE ramp above the choke!
After the entire Thunder ridge slid due to the rapid warming we climbed high in Hogum, linking the super tour variant to the Coalpit Headwall.
Upper Hogum chutes. This one looks real nice.
Due to the huge overhanging cornices at the top of the Coalpit headwall we each aired in then sent the 2000+ foot headwall in primo conditions. Best tour ever!
-Kid Buf