Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sawtooths Bench Hut

Here is a random asshartment of photos taking from a lovely ski vacation to the Sawooths in Idahoe dis March Madness.
Snuffulunkugus, Douggie Washburns, Mr. Mogul, The Lumberjack Special, Savage Beast, 86 Suburu, and Tatonka en route to the hut.
Two smiling boyz eager to mount the Boyscout Bulge on Mountain Gramps Mogul.

Somones getting butterflys in their stomach approaching the Boyscout Bulge

Okay your on sanny! Nooooo I was on sanny yesterday!

The Boyscout Bulge was skied freed by 2 boyz on this trip. You can see redfish lake below.

View of the cute little Boyscout Col. on Mountain Gramps Mogul.

Douglas Washburn, Freewheeler, Big Buff, and the Juicebox micro-manager on top of Petzoldt on Mountain Heyburn.

Big Buff in deep pow WOW on Mountain Heyburn
Mountain Heyburn and Mountain Triangle at funrise.
Being good little Boyz, we got a flat of juice boxes for our hydrational saftey.
One of us couldn't wait and finished their portion on the ride up. Bad boy!

Big Buff putting it deep in the Boyscout

Someone was bonking really hard finding their way back to the hut.