Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moon Beam

Abstract thoughts, ideas, theories, or even the opposite sex fascinate me. Subjects lacking concrete explanation, allowing the armchair philosopher to ponder a myriad of possible truths is my forte. Aliens, government corruption, snow science, you name it, there's always an open topic discussion here on Skier Boyz tours.
Early this morning, my alarm clock rang at 3:30am MST. After a light breakfast and a cup of poet strength coffee, my man cave was vacant. While driving up LCC, thoughts of encountering a plethora other lunar gazing ski walkers entrapped my imagination. Dreams of finding beautiful stoked people (lie....scratch people, insert women) at the trail head faded away as I pulled up next to Flufhed's car. After a futile attempt howling at the moon to awake that wook or find company, I began the walk alone.
From lot, my internal compass pointed me towards Devils Castle and Point Supreme. At the beginning of the ski walk, the full moon illuminated the surface hoar, which sparkled and danced to my passing. While ascending the summer road, I looked over my shoulder and saw a gigantic shooting star and knew it was on!!! Soon there after, the earth began eclipsing the moon. The sun, earth, and moon are about to align!!! My shadow and the surface hoar sparkle show slowly dimmed and the vibe darkened. At the nose of the earths shadow on the moon there was a turquoise glow. After about an hour or so the full moon became totally engulfed in the Earths shadow, casting a reddish hue, while hovering above Cardiac Ridge and Mountain Superior. Soon there after, old reliable popped out of the east shooting photons on the Mighty Wasatch Mountain Range.
Thank you Mother Nature for the show and bringing brief moments of cosmic consciousness. ~Awooooo