Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Boulder Hut Adventures

As we all grow older the Boyz are getting spread thinner.  Alaska, Montana, Vermont, Babies, the high Seas and on the open roads. The Wasatch chapter has less dinner gatherings and smaller touring parties. New friendz are being made every day. It's the mountains that have brought us all together. There is a magic and a mystery we seem to be seeking. It's hard to put it into words why we do what we do. With what might take us from this material world into the deepest mystery of afterlife I wonder when I will see you again.

 The North star stay in its place giving us something to guide ourselves back together again.

This is an adventure that has brought the Skier Boyz and Bomb Snow crew closer together. 
A few quick flights in the heli gets the ten of us up and into the mountains where this mystery can really start to unfold.

 In this day in age documentation is at our fingertips. The talent and quality is amazing. 

 The local snow beast, Rosie follows a freerider down one of our ski lines.

Deep in the Purcell Mountains of Southeast British Columbia we look, point, and dream of lines to climb and ski.

 A world wide trend of warming winters has set this snowpack into a state of stability where timing is what makes the skiing good, with a little sun to soften the crust it's go time.

 Follow cam. This was one line that many of us skied. It was a fast figure 11 chute.

 Oh there's that snow beast. The family that owns and runs this back county hut have their two kids living, skiing, and home schooling up here all winter long. 

Boyz making the best of what we are given. There is a gem in the background. The Y. We tried to attempt it but it was on a day that got to warm. Roller balls and big settling wumpfs turned us around.  

 It's great to have youth with you.

 The mess hall. 

 Sometime you just have to look at lifes mysteries in a little different way.

 The mountains up here just go on forever. 

Boulder Hut Adventures owners, kids, staff, and the Bomb Snow Boyz saying goodbye to each other. For now.
Check the Video edit made form this Hut trip. Axel Peterson does amazing work!!

Where will adventures take you today? Will you find some clues to your mystery?
Much Love.