Sunday, February 22, 2009


Snapdragon? Ivory chute? 4:30am, nope cant swing that. Memorial coulior, stairs gulch 9am? nah probably not. Argenta? 10:30 am? sounds like a good start. Above is the buffalo 2/3s of the way up towards the summit.

The skin track up argenta is long and demanding. We never took our dukes off the high bar the whole time. We seemed to be following up a snowshoeing snowboarder in the skin track whom thought snowshoes belonged in skin tracks. This is not the case, at least its better than setting a bootpack in the skinner though. The struggle for the summit always makes the summit view better. Here a view of alta baldy that few experience.
There is never anything upsetting about twins, unless of course you werent expecting them. Broads Fork Twins lurks in the distance. The intimidating east face from 3 miles away even is enough to want to make you hide under a rock and not come out until summer.Tatonka eyes down the east. This beautiful and daunting line made the hair stand up on my lower back.
All of a sudden the buff AIRS into the couloir a spectacular feat even in the brighton terrain park, but taking air into a couloir deep in the backcountry takes it to a new level.
First turn of many to go. The chute was a plesant mixture of creamy powder and super ice crust. We made mostly fresh turns though steering clear of the northern parts of the line.
The apron and finishing pitches reminded me of waterskiing, heavy and wet but untracked snow Blending finesse and power was the only way to get down. A beautiful long run out past sledding families and people attmpting to cross country ski and avoiding the sherrife convention in mill d parking lot to a 2 mile xc ski back to the car on a perfect day, you cant ask for much more.

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