Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Northwest couloir Broad Fork Twins

The objective NW couloir of Broad Fork Twins, the pic was taken last friday warm and sunny not the case today.

Boyd reaches the east summit of the twins

Me dropping into the rock lined section of the couloir

Boyd navigates the varible conditions of the couloir

It turns out that the NW was big with some huge rock walls.

happy to be down the thing

We booted back up to the top of Bonkers up a west
facing snow ramp (thanks Keith for the beta). But it wasn't exactly Bonkers it was the face two the skiers right of Bonkers with some interesting terrain somewhere between glide fractures and full on cervasses, in flat light variable ski conditions it had our full attention.

After navigating the terrain at the top we sussed some good snow along side the huge cliff at the bottom

Our line hugged the rock wall lookers right fun but i'm not going back for it any time soon.

Me and the old salt headed up broads for the NW couloir of the twins the skin was long when we gained the ridge we were met by a stiff wind that forced us to skirt the east ridge a little bit lower than ridge proper darn missed the V1 boulder problem in 40 mph winds. Got to the summit and quickly started desending, the couloir is way different then it looks from afar really cool walls and long . Booted up a west facing snowramp to desend back into broads fork the face was interesting with features rare to the wastach I guess it was an alaska prep decent made it down safely and found some decent snow in sections. Two days of touring without seeing another party its only Waas Angelas when its bluebird and powder.

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