Friday, February 27, 2009

Stansbury Chuting Spree

Took a few days away from the Wasatch to re-visit a place I was originally shown by our faithful President five seasons ago. As most people who are well versed in the lore of Skier Boyz know, "The Skier Boyz are a renegade group of skierz pioneering lines in such places as the Wasatch, the Ochres, and the Stansburys" (Hedgehog, 2004). For this reason, it was due time to plan a winter camping trip to the Stansburys. Headed out on Tuesday morning with Gramps and Dave with plans of skiing the North Coilour, the Twins both on Deseret Peak, and checking out new terrain for future Skier Boyz exploration. We towed in the first 4 miles behind a snowmobile driven by Gramps and then skinned two miles from the Wilderness boundary to where we set up camp. The stench of two stroke oil on my clothing from the snowmobile was made tolerable by the view of the North Couloir immediately above our camp, and the twins in the lookers left. After setting up camp, we decided to do a bit of ski touring for in the late afternoon and ended up doing an amazing dusk patrol of the North Couloir. Boot packing conditions were perfect and skiing was great skiable chalk. On Wednesday morning we decided to head up and set a boot pack up Stefan ( the lookers right twin). The twin couloirs are due north facing and conditions in them were less than ideal. The top section of the right twin was marked by a wind slab that would break when boot packing and deep graupel pools. The graupel was so deep that it was like walking in stryofoam balls that were waste deep. For this reason, we made the call to bail on topping out, in fear that the wind slab would be thicker on the top section and could easily slide on the graupel. These conditions were like nothing i had ever seen. All in all, we still had the opportunity to ski the bulk of the amazing Stefan Couloir and the aesthetic qualities were like no other, definitely the widest deep rocked walled couloir in Utah to my knowledge. After this tour, i had to return to Babylon for work, but Gramps and Dave remained and did two more tours, avoiding shereefs for another 24 hours. At the end of the trip, the boyz opened the North Coilour, the Summit of Deseret, the Bret Couloir, and were shut down by Stefan. We took many photos of the surrounding area and would be PSYCHED to share beta for more exploration. -- Adam M. Lawton

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