Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Over the hills and far away

shit show tours redford retrieves a dropped ploe on some slick side hillingPfifferhorn reveals herself from the mistMicah on the eastridge of the Pfiff
Micah dropping the knee on the west shoulder of the Pfiff, the NW couloir is lookers left nice...Soft snow in the Ivory chute
Ivory from belowA shoot right next to Ivory we booted.

Getting high, up in Lcc was definetly the way to go on tuesday, nice day of clouds and breaks of sun skinned up red pine with my bud Micah representing the Heber chapter, summitted the Pfifferhorn via the east ridge then skied the west shoulder into a sub peak of the pfiff ridge skied from the summit down a hanging snowfield to the entrance of Ivory chute a little steepen probably pushen 45 hard telling not knowing, booted a shoot to lookers right a steep one also then enjoyed the eye candy on Thunder Ridge on the way out warm on the exit some huge roller balls. Lotta cool steep shots at the back of hogum short but definetly worth getting back too. way better than doing taxes.

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