Saturday, February 28, 2009

2/27 Northwest Coulior of the Phief

After failing to drag my ass out of bed on Tuesday for the solo descent I was up and going a couple days later with Jordan no ACL Beattie and Bret born for this shit Beattie.

Always up for some fun in the sun.

Bret pushing; how far do you want to make turns. Never to hard to talk Bret into setting the rap.

Nothing like some 3/4" bolts to make ya feel like your safe.

Jump turns feel much better without a thirty foot pinch staring ya down.

The infamous Beattie spray!!!

Me trying to send it but ended up with my infamous cartwheel. Uncle you said sending it was safe.

Jordan killin it with suposed "tired legs" oh yea and no fuckin ACL. UNREAL. Sick job Jord.

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