Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And then there were two.

So it was an semi early moning (2/19/09) start in Maybird, beginning the skinner just after six. But after only skinning a few hours. Things were already beginning to take a turn. Lots of small sluffs coming off of the east facing cliffs and even more flash backs of a more than exciting ski on Lisa falls in "08. The group set a 9 o'clock turn around time and was pretty spread out when the time came. Stefan and I(Liam) how ever could see the top and felt it was duable, about 600 feet of booter to set and we would be there. Brett, Jake, Squinny and Will made the call to turn around, which was probably a good once since they would have had a lot of ground still to make up and Stefan and I continued to the top. Which proved to be some great skiing and a successful day. These are short clips of the top chute and mid-section where the best powder of the whole chute was.

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