Friday, February 20, 2009


AFTER GETTING WORD of possible fresh powder in LCC, skierboy jake, Colorado powder hound hollywood, and donovan the alfs representive started and made the long trek up Cardif Pass. Luckily there was a skin track to follow or the group may have become disoriented and lost. Needless to say emergency rations were not adiquate enough to support an over night stay.

The group stopped at the top of "cardiff" for a break because the thin air was getting to us. We snapped THIS PHOTO of the sunrise. Which was the first one that hollywood had seen in over a year.

The excursion up the ridge of Mt. Superior was as scary as it looks from the road. Its filled with extreme bootpacking and skinning. The weight of our dukes and bd factors was taking its toll on our legs. Nearing the "false" summit and feeling the effects of the 1.5 hour hike, WE CAPTURED THIS image of an extreme skier on steep terrain, he made it look great, until the steep got to him and he fell off the mountain maybe into a crevase.

AFTER A LONG recovery on the peak it was in line that we pushed across into "monte cristo gully" the wind was face blistering and filled with ice cold super blower snow. WE TRIED TO get as close as possible to the edge of these massive overhanging snow drifts just to take in the tremendous view of the lodges at snowbird below.

MONTE CRISTO'S GUT spits out a half digested buffalo. Buffalo tend to only eat grass but this one ingested at least a cubic yard of snow from face shots on some near perfect skiing conditions.

THE MID GULLY was as delicious as any. beautiful location, more perfect snow.

Your own tracks are the best tracks.

hitting the pavement of highway 210. where the hitch hiking is tough. a friend (so we thought) JULIA even drove right buy us shrugging her shoulders like she didnt have time to stop. Luckily alexa was right behind to make the pick up almost as it was planned. Unfortunately it was too early to go to the bar and brag about our adventure, so we had to ski AltA until the bar opened.

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