Monday, February 16, 2009

Arrr maty! Da White Pearl

Will Roth negotiating the crux block half way up the chute.
Will improvises with his poles because his ice axe is statigically place behind his snowboard so he can't get it. He is still new to this ski mountaineering game.

Will shredding the punchy conitions in the top chute.

Powder spray under the overhanging walls of the White Pearl. This is why we came.

Will Koch uses the over the shoulder belay down the block. We didn't mean to go fast and light we just underestimated the rappell.

Good turns all the way down.

If the Black Pearl is not in the White Pearl probably is as Will Roth and I found out this day. Both chutes are over two thousand feet long and they split Pearlas ridge low down in the canyon. The White Pearl heads left at the convergence. Entering the chute it didn't look like it would be epic, but once at the top we knew it would. The climb wasn't so hard, a total of two and a half hours bootpacking straight up it. The crux block half way up was fun to climb past. I chose to go right and manteled onto a frozen block, thankfully. This is where we got to look up at the stunning top couloir, good conditons, deep boot pack. The chute doesn't go all the way to the ridge, but if you want to climb up through trees the skiing would be good above the chute. Its always fun to tour with the token snowboarder of skier boyz. A grat day to tick a line. Kid Buffalo.

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