Monday, February 16, 2009

White Pearl (no pirate references)

Second Strike First Platoon attacked the Pearl today.

That approach can eat bag of hot diapers. Survival skinning. We started at the power-house and skied down the main trail. Once the woods appeared to be their thickest, we took a hard left. Thirty willow whips to the face later we got to the toe. Brett had rabies, so we gave him some distance. The booting was going well until Boyd got the mud butt. The latrain is about 800' above the creek on the right. After a brief intermission, it was back to work.

We had brought gear to negotiate the crux based on an earlier trip report. Boy, did they ever blow that out of proportion. Brett, foaming at the mouth by this point, sent the booter. We got to the top of the chute, but he kept going. I chilled and rested just taking in the view: Subaru, UTA bus, Tacoma, bus, Subaru.
The snow was variable, but always good. Definitely, a cool place to make some turns. We came to the "crux". A couple a potato sack style "hucks" and we were through. The snow got heavier. We knew the face whips were awaiting us. Whack! Whack! Whack! and over the river and through the woods to Smith's we go for Beans and Franks

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