Friday, February 13, 2009

Powerhoused in BCC

After an extended safety break the boys decided to have a closer look
As always the conditions got better on the way up
Powder turns in the top chute
Wavy getting his wiggle on

The Powerhouse couloir in BCC has been skied by the boyz so that the rest of you don't need to suffer the way the four of us did this day. I chose to suffer twice in a week because Stefan and I bushwacked the bottom section of this line only to be turned around when the chute we were booting up ended in a steep wall. When I went back three days later the weather was clear and I saw the ice pitch blocking the passage to the main chute. Liam Obrien found the alternate entracnce bypassing the ice pitch and we had an in. All that was left was two thousand feet of bootpacking. Todd Glew broke trail most of the time, hes fast. The top ridge was sunny and warm finally. The ski descent had all types of conditions in it and hundreds of turns. Not bad for low snow in a chute. A good day to tick a line. The chute up canyon from this one named the Generator looks like a beast to climb and ski. Kid Buffalo

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