Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Money Shot

Lars hikes toward Rainbow Peak while SLC still sleeps below.

Ahhhh! Good morning Thunder Ridge.

Lars makes some warm up turns off Rainbow on the way towards bigger objectives.

Its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. Thunder Stadium.

Bret and Lars climbing to the top and happy to be on the ridge of safety.

"Oh man this is gonna be fun"

Lars skiing where no VT gremlin has before.

Orangehat Dan shooting up some spray for the boyz.

What the boyz left behind.

The east face of Thunder Ridge has many options off of it for big lines to ski so it was a perfect location to get to after a twenty four inch storm in twenty four hours. We were racing the strong March sun as we do every year at this time and we found out that leaving the parking lot at 430 am was not early enough to tag any of them before the sun did. Trail breaking was difficult and left our legs tired for the final push up the Hypodermic Needle. Thanks Bret, Lars and Dan for the strong effort. Once at the top we contemplated skiing down our ascent route, but decided to take a look at the north facing Coalpit Headwall. We were the only people in sight and the snow was looking remarkable on this aspect. So we skied it like the boyz. I hope to be back on this ridge this year and dropping down one of those east shots, but if not I know the Coalpit will be good, it always is. Kid Buf.

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