Monday, March 16, 2009

Potrero Chico

While ya'll were sitting up in the safest city in Amerika or somewhere else cold and or flat I took a little trip to mexico with three cool and beauitful ladies from Crested Butte.
Packed up the car and made it there and back for less than a hundred including gas food and booze. Did i mention booze. Dollar Margaritas and Pina Coladas at camp with dollar meals complete with fresh veggies from Sexico. UGGGGGGGGGH Uncle Keith I know you dont climb but you sure can drink and this would be a nice vacation for you.
We climbed some awesome limestone every day that goes up to 25 pitches of bolted goodness. So many routes you'd freak. Such good rock I was leading 5.hard off the couch.
I think I might have to move there.
It was hard to leave shirtless climbing weather, good food, and good company.
Now Im back to cold temps and skiing. Not bad, but I sure miss that trip of a lifetime.

One last thing


The park has mexicans hanging out in their trucks drinking and playing mexican people music you can hear as you climb up.

Camp 5 bucks a night with a kitchen, bathroom, showers, a restaurant, a bar, and good people


Tower on the route. Sweetest shit ever with an arch in the middle half way up the first pitch. Top pitch goes up the lookers left arete and changes corners from slab to overhung jugs, ugh. 5.10 R One of the coolest climbs ive ever done

Cristina, Alyssa, Todd, Britney and tequilla and fluffy the cat

Enterance to the park.


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