Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Over Crowding in AK

10:45 is Early in AK. Not a track in sight.

Second Lap. Still no tracks.

The road that nobody uses.

There are even first track for dogs.

I claim this shot for skierboyz.

I guess there was a way through to the skiers right...

Friday night I picked up a friend from Talkeetna and decided to take him out to Hatchers Pass to begin the formal interview process for his application to the Skier Boyz. It was a perfect day and we chased after some great lines that I had been looking at for a while. At 9:30 am when we arrived at the parking lot we were the only car there. by the time we had set the skinner and got to the top of the cirque we looked down to find....one other car parked down there. It wasn't until our second lap that people started to show up and damn if there weren't almost a dozen cars in the whole area by the end of the day.

The skiing was great though for the first time this year we seemed to be getting sun affected snow as as the glowing ball of cancer rays fell towards the horizon anything shading started to crust up. Fortunately we were finished before that became an issue. - TOM

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