Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Williams Peak Yurt

Is it the mountain that calls us or is it the thought of adventure?
The new places and what hide around the next corner will always be there.
When is it your time to be in that place?
Somehow you just do it and when it's done you know you've been there.

Thubs up. Go time!!
 Getting the loads down tight.
From here to there and back again.
Long heavy day.

This is what makes it all worth it.
Low snow year but still good approach.
Home sweet home.
Steve making the best of the day.
Bret nailing it.

Snow can do crazy things.

Em storm skiing.

New place. Hehe.

Thats smiles all around.
The lines Jesus Christ, Resurrection, and others are hiding in these corners.

When Stef started heading for what makes these shadows I knew I was heading over to meet him.
The shadow had led us to great palces. 
Stefan lead a great part of the J.C. I passed by and got this awesome view of Thompson lake.
A scary cornice and the sumit.
This is what we do. We live, breath, sleep, eat, and feel alive.

Stefan getting into the J.C.
Bret dropping in off the cornice.

Hiden treasures.

We might have to come back for this one when theres more snow.

Love this shot.
Big Fatty.
Merritt Ridge.
The sun has set. Night is on it's way. Food and good times.

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