Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pfeifferporn Part II

On monday I deliberated with some friends over beers on what to go ski the next day.  The iconic Pfeifferhorn came up in the discussion.  Of course the Pfeiff has always had a special spot in my heart, akin to many a Wastach skier.  I gained some inspiration from our friends Tim and Lizard's blog earlier this year. We discussed the NW couloir by North combination.  I've climbed it in the summer and it is a great alpine climb, made only better with some snow and skis on our back.  After Bret and I taunted Kevin with text messages about our start time we finally settled on an approximate 5:00 am start.  The usual junk show in the morning pushed that back a little. It was a pristine bluebird day with the only danger were some strong wind gusts and new snow slabs. A great day in the mountains with friends always helps to keep the ski stoke going.         
I got a new camera this year, and its been great. I think Bret likes it too.  I'm still not versed in all its features. I sometimes end up shooting short videos when I'm really trying to take pictures. Someday I'll read the directions.  It's usually jumpy video and not premeditated but I thought this captured some good moments of climbing.  Check it out if it uploaded.  

The climb was probably the highlight of the day for me, and the NW couloir is always a classic.  It was bare bones up top.  We slipped in the same way a party before us did on west facing steep snow chute that ran off the ridge.  It was actually nice to be the third party down it of the day and not have to worry about too much moving snow.  Bret starts down.

Kevin's first time down the NW couloir, here he is enjoying the turns before the rappel, a little puckered.  He told his girlfriend he would be back at noon, c'mon dude. I'm taking my time, oh yeah.

The rappel was a little bit bigger than one 30 meter rondo line.


Is that Bret locking down the heel?

We skied out to Maybird Gulch and enjoyed some creamy pow down the Hogum 500.  I set of a small 10 cm new snow slab on the first rollover below Hogum Divide Peak on a obviously wind-loaded NE aspect. Wonder what those pesky slabs will be like with more snow coming later this week.

He went into the backcountry a man and came out a boyz.

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