Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mr. Lawton

For all the people that have ever known him, skied with him, drank with him, laughed with him, for those that have learned from him and been inspired by him I offer this:

You don't have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body. Adams body was a container for him and his spirit. His spirit, all his best traits all his best qualities, have inspired so many to be as positive, level-headed, intelligent, and loyal as he has always been. In this way he lives on in the little pieces of him that we each have absorbed, in the ways that we try to be like him, in the love we have for him and memories we have of times spent with him.

Adam we love you and miss you.



  1. Adam was so much for our son, Luke, in so many different ways. He represented all that we treasured about being alive in the outdoors and he effortlessly shared that enthusiasm and love with Luke.One of his last experiences with Luke at Gateway was teaching Luke about avalanches and working with beacons in practice situations. The loss of this wonderful man is such a tragedy. I personally find some solace in knowing he is somewhere with Luke now, making some great turns.

  2. Thanks boyz for posting this up. Well written, and Adam's spirit is with us all til we meet the same destination. -Luke M.

  3. From my cherished moments laughing away dayz working in the Joanie's kitchen with our "narc", to summer mtb rides happily watching Adam cracking up at his own awkward remarks, I will truly miss this kid. I was privileged to have known such a pure soul, he was an inspiration not only to his friends through his light hearted ways but most likely to all the kids lives he was able to influence and teach the love of Mnt Sport'n to. Thank you Adam, see you out there.

  4. If someone could track down the full size version of the fist photo of adam that would be great. We would like to print and use it at his service send it here -drew

  5. Thank you for posting this. I really appreciate it. I have known Adam for many years. I have spent many a day with him working, climbing, boating and a bit of skiing. He was such an inspiration to me personally and professionally. He will be missed greatly. Hope everyone is doing ok out there as I assume he is. Much love to Adam and all of us who loved him. Timmy Foulkes

  6. Adam was such an incredible person, always looking for the next adventure, always challenging his body and his mind. He had so many good qualities....he was perpetually excited about life, climbing and skiing in new places, sharing time in the mountains with people he loved. I'll never forget how he would literally shake with laughter. It is a privilege to have known Adam and I will think of him often in the high, wild places he loved.
    Alice Bremner

  7. A year and a day. We definately lost one of the good guys.

    I miss you Adam...