Monday, January 2, 2012

Brand New Day

Happy new years boyz!

Even though most of the boyz probably celebrated the new year in true pagan style in their hearts and skier souls back on the solstice, I'm sure a few of us managed to humor our friends and neighbors by enjoying some libations and staying up to see the clock tick.

The Lizard and I decided to ring in this new beginning to the Gregorian Calendar with a trip to the Wasatch's 5th tallest peak, the Pfeifferhorn. With conditions as they are and our intentions being mainly a trip to enjoy the view and assess the snow pack or lack there of, we decided against bringing a rope or anything that might encourage us to get all gnar.

Lizard getting Gnar

With a true Wasatch start we left the trail head at 9:45 and enjoyed a leisurely slog to the Red Pine lakes. A break for tea and snacks, and another couple of hours and we arrived at the southeast ridge. With the variable conditions of sun-wind-and-rain encrusted snow, as well as an unusual amount of rock showing for this time of year, we decided to leave our skis at the beginning of the ridge and forgo the summit shred. Upon summiting we agreed we probably could have done some side-slipping and survival skiing to nab what might have been the season's first ski decent via the SW face.

The views from the summit were beautiful as always. The normally inversion-clouded valley of SLC lay at our feet where we could just make out the collective groan of "national hangover day". Both the NE and NW couloirs were looking a little thin, although the NW was holding snow farther down that could probably be reached with one rap.

Gonna need a rope this year...

Some good turns were had descending back to Red Pine Lakes, all in all a great day. Breaking out of the repetitive "this season sucks" - "we need more snow" mantra felt great, just being in the alpine was rejuvenating. Climbing (and skiing) on ice has been good, but despite popular belief we do have some snow to slide around on. WTF, throw caution to the wind, go for it. I for one am tired of blowing on a cat's ass and hoping for snow. Besides, soon enough we'll be too puckered to get out on top of this snow pack.
Lack of snow has us contemplating some dangerous things....

So enjoy it boyz! We here up at 9240' are being patient and sharpening our beater slalom skills. The new crop of kids at Alf's, or as I like to think of it, the Skier Boyz factory, is chomping at the bit to shred. Keep praying, but in the meantime send it.



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  1. Nice work keeping a good attitude at Club 9240!