Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peak 3000: November 2

Damn the daylight savings straight to Hell. Right now I can sneak out work a bit early and squeeze a nice 2,000' ski before darkness sets in. For some reason, this is all going to change on November 6. I figure without the change I could get another 2 weeks before Cosmo enveloped my after-work experience in darkness.

But today wasn't about November 6, it was about today. I love pushing myself hard, racing the sun, trying to strategize ways to save 30 seconds here, 20 seconds there: constantly peering back over my shoulder to check the progress of a cold indifferent star.


Sunset over Cap'n Cook's Inlet

The snow felt hollow, so I didn't feel comfortable skinning under the top bowl. So in quest theoretically grounded in safety, but in reality the narrow rock lined gully looked like more fun. I pulled the skins before setting the booter because the wind was howling up higher.

Looking Down the Ascent

Neacolas (small) and Tortillas (large)

The skiing was nothing to write home about, mostly wind hammered with pockets of powder. C+ skiing but it was super fun to get in an after work ski in the daylight. Too bad it will be my last post work powder party in 2011.


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