Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nor' Eastah

Every year hurricane (pronounced Hurr-ic-cin in by Utard's) and Nor' Eastah season rolls into the eastern seaboard, bringing with it, the yin and the yang. I'm sorry if I got you excited, we're not talking about the Yin Yang Twins (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJEzl31zL-I). Not sure what those G's are up to these dayz?Fishermen associate these storms the monetary loss of equipment, ships, and death. The poor folk in New Orleans equate the word "hurricane" with the loss of their ward. No, no, not the LDS ward, like you're used to in the good ole' Beehive state silly. I'm talking about their entire community being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina! To no avail, those scumbags who rule the world, displaced these folks elsewhere, and built some mighty fine homes for those mighty fine rich folk down there in Na Orleanz. What an atrocity you say?

No surprise to me. I've known of the Dick Bass (Snowbird's 1%er owner) type and their agenda for a long time. A regard for humanity and the environment? Forget about it. The only thing that matters to this minuscule sect of the population is their bankroll. Pink Floyd was right, "Money is a Crime."
But without darkness, there would be no light. Without storms, there would be no surf or snow. Ya dig?

~Dick Dickerson

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