Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CAST the green mountain freeride send system

CAST. the Green Mountain Freeride Send System is making its way out to the Prototype Team.

The Skier Boyz and Green Mountain Freeride are first to test out Lars' New Binding.


If this link works it will bring you to photos Lars has of most finished system.

A box of goods. Thanks to Lars.
I just wanted to let you guys see how the binding is looking these days.

This is the Base plate for the FKS race binding. Holes match to fit old screw holes in ski.

Lars makes this plate for many other bindings.

Remember we are the test team and we are making this work with something outside

the box.

My FKS toe on the G.M.F.S.S. slider plate.

At this point you have to be a tech guy to make things fit super smooth.

Once in full swing, parts will be set and ready out of the box like any other binding.

This is a plug rossignol race boot. A great way to test out the Send System and

get in shape for the winter tours.

Lars made up a jig that I have. We can use it to make any plug style boot toe AT ready.

Here it is ready to send. I'll let you know how the first turns go.

Thanks to Lars a legend in his own time.
"Peace, love, and deep powder."

-Flyin' Ryan


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  1. Sweet. How does the heel lifter look on the Rossi/Look iteration? Have only seen the Tyrolia iteration over on TGR.

    Peace, Arild.