Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pioneer's Part 2

Just wanted to add a little bit more detail about our trip. Let you know what to expect and look for.

Check out the Sun Valley Trekking website and get some info on their Yurt systems.
This shot is from Duncans Ridge. The big peak in the back is the Devils Bedstead.

The Pioneer Mountains is a mountain range in the U.S. state of Idaho, spanning Blaine, Butte and Custer counties.

The ten highest peaks of the range are:
Hyndman Peak 12,009 ft (3,660 m)
Goat Mountain 11,913 ft (3,631 m)
Peak 11887 11,887 ft (3,623 m)
Standhope Peak 11,878 ft (3,620 m)
Devils Bedstead East 11,865 ft (3,616 m)
Brocky Peak 11,839 ft (3,609 m)
Altair Peak 11,825 ft (3,604 m)
Old Hyndman Peak 11,775 ft (3,589 m)
Duncans Peak 11,755 ft (3,583 m)
Pegasus Peak 11,736 ft (3,577 m)

The range is bounded on the west by the Big Wood River, Trail Creek, Summit Creek, and the North Fork Big Lost River, on the north and east by the East Fork Big Lost River, Left Fork Cherry Creek, Cherry Creek, Dry Fork Creek, Saint Louis Canyon, and Champagne Creek, and on the south by the Snake River Plain.

Pioneer Yurt has opportunities for those seeking a touring experience, or when conditions permit, to ski the steep and deep. The mountains surrounding the Pioneer Yurt are ideal for ski mountaineering. Big verticle relief on shapely alpine peaks up to 12,000’ with stunning ascent and descent lines. A ski mountaineer’s nirvana!

The Pioneer Yurt is a 24 ’ diameter yurt that sleeps up to 16 people and has all the comforts you have come to expect from a cozy SVT backcountry hut: full kitchen, bunks with pads, wood and propane stoves, lanterns, library, and a great wood fired Sauna!
We approach Pioneer Yurt via Hyndman Creek off the East Fork of the Big Wood River. The ski into the yurt is roughly 6 miles and gains about 2000’ in elevation. The trip can be done in four to six hours by an average group of skiers. The area around the yurt is closed to snowmobiles before March 15th. Up until March 15, snowmobiles may be used to approach the first 5 miles to the yurt and after March 15th, may be used to get right to the yurt.

If you come in the spring expect water crossings and wet heavy snow in the low elevations on your trek up to the Yurt.

As you can see we didn't have much snow to work with on the first half of the trail.

The crew working their way up the west ridge of Cobb mountain.

We called this peak No Name because on the maps we had it didn't have a name.

It's on the check list for the next trip into the Pioneer's.

Mckenna getting the first track down the Comma Couloir down Cobb.
Axel carving his name in Cobb mountain.
Back on the deck of the Pio Yurt just chilling.

I think this was one moring when we had pancakes. We had cake coma and had to take naps before going out to tour.

Realy nice and open space for our crew of seven.

Steph skiing back to the Yurt after a little jump session.

Hyndman Peak, the highest in the range at 12009 feet, was on the list.

Our group spread out and put tracks down all of the four major shots.

This is a great place to come ski. Check it out if you get a chance.

Peace Crossman

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