Saturday, March 26, 2011

3 Men and a Hemingway

Update from ol'ALASKA! I talked to Stef today around 1:30, he had just hiked back to Valdez from Brown Creek Glacier,(where he left Bret and Keith) they made it about 3 miles in. After talking to a guy who had been out there, they realized that the original route (coming out Cordova Glacier from rude lake) was going to be impassible due to an icey chunky field. ( I kinda went in and out of service wth Stef ,so after work I listened to his voicemail and am writing this via the voicemail!)

The new plan as of this afternoon is, from Browns Glacier they will meet up with Wortmans Glacier to Woodworth Glacier, then to Tanzuna Glacier meeting with Tanzuna River to the Copper River where they will follow a road to Million $ Bridge< which is 40 miles outside of Cordova. There they will take a taxi maybe? and fly out back to Keiths on April 7. They are doing well, the peaks are amazing, but not covered with very much snow.

The goal now is to figure out a way through the maze! Luckily a handle of whisky and a hemingway are there to help them find there way! good Luck boyz! ............stay tuned for the next update em and ella

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  1. Did they build a crevasse gap? Louie was talkin' ish about building one and going huge...