Thursday, March 18, 2010

O' Sullivan and Dromedary on St. Patty's Day

The objectives Dromedary on the left and O'Sullivan on the right
at the top of Broads Fork. The optimistic plan was to ski from the summit of both peaks on this fine St. Patricks Day.

The lads for the task, Big Beard Ruthless out of hibernation, Adam "my knee hurts, take easy today." Lawton.

Adam bad knee Lawton putting in the whole bootpack up the O' Sullivan Couloir

Ruthless showing is colors, and meeting his quota for bringing beer on any and every adventure, on the summit of O' Sullivan Peak on St. Patty's Day

Looking down between the tips at the O'Sullivan north chute after skiing down from the summit via the east ridge.

Ruthless dropping the knee on O' Sullivan punchy but fine powder conditions.

Booting up the east face of Dromedary wasn't easy and involved some rock scree scrambling.

Adam traversing from the summit of Dromedary to the "way in to the way in"
Psyched to bag both Dromedary and O' Sullivan in winter.

Adam dropping the knee down the hanging snowfield off Dromedary heading for the Drome ribbon.

Adam traversing the ribbon of snow connecting the hanging snowfield, and the couloir.

The exposure of the left slanting ramp reminded of the ribbon on devils castle except it headed left, and was a lot shorter, breath step, breath step.

Adam enjoying the fruits of his nerve testing side step-athon.

The boys feeling lucky after plucking a tense line.

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