Friday, March 19, 2010

Bro Straps Bowls

What's better than beginning a ski tour behind a Mormon temple?
Knowing that you are going to out boy GOSB for a bro-rific line.
Mountain guide Todd Glew uses his magic to find the Sawmill trail, a steep hiking trail that gains 2000 ft. in a mile. This trail turns right off the main trail before you go down into Big WIllow Canyon. The trail is marked relatively well by clearings and red tags and a hugh sign that says SawMill trail.
This Urban line has some serious vertical relief. Another sunny day in Sandy, Ut. The cameras were out as the people of Sandy got to see the boyz ski a stadium shot.
Lookers left titty. We felt like old men skiing just the Aprons of these bowls, but the snow higher getting to Lone Peaks ridge was lean and mean. The bowls were filled with for us to rip.
The nipples were full of cream for the boyz the play with.
Todd wiggling through the cleavage. We skied left titty, the cleavage and right titty all afternoon.
We talked about summitting Lone Peak, but conditions up high discouraged us. At the far left side of Big Willow Canyon we snuck down a chute and got into Bells Canyon. The Wasatch range looked big today.
Todd, the lone goat and a long way down Bells. We skied powder up high and the hiking trail to the reservoir pretty quickly.
A 12 hour ski tour tour day, lets go see some strippers. I'm all warmed up from those delicious boobs!

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