Friday, February 12, 2010

The Y-not

Last Thursday I was honored to ski with some skier boy elders and check out the Y-not.  I hadn't skied this line and we heard that the anchors were destroyed by rock fall.   On Thursday morning Powers, Slody, and I headed out with some supplemental rock gear and slings.  We wanted to find out if there was a solution to this anchor problem. 

It is true that the one of the bolts were destroyed by rock fall.  The other bolt was scarred up enough that we didn't feel comfortable rapping off just one.  I scrambled around above the anchors and found a nut placement that I could rap off to get down to a tree.  From the tree we did a sixty meter rope rappel to the base of the cave.

Slody hop turning the tightness below the choke

Powers slough riding the bottom of the Y-not.  It was tight but the softness of the snow made it doable.  A classic line for sure, it would be helpful for someone to go but another bolt down there to re-establish the anchor.

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