Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Shreddy and the Monte Cristo

Sunday night after working the weekend and its time to ski something.  I made a desperate text message to Shreddy in need of a partner to go ski, it was past 12:00 p.m.  He answers my text and I tell him my objective:  hook, line, and sinker.

The sun coming up on Cardiac, still looking a little bare.  We moved higher up the ridge to get the Monte Cristo.  This line sits up next to Mt. Superior, and has itching at me for a while especially because of it's good view from white pine. Plus ever since eyeing the face shots in the footage from Hollywood and Kid Buffalo skiing this last year in deep conditions (you s.o.b's).  I've been wanting to ski it. 

Crossing over from Superior, some of the first couple inches were slabbed together and shed off as we skinned.  It was a little early in the season for this line and would have been a little more straight forward with a deeper snow pack.

Shreddy dropping in to the edge of the world.  The photos are much more dramatic when shot from superior.  The upper bowl was excellent creamy powder our best turns of the run as we would find out a little later.  Across the street patrol was bombing baldy and the sound was reverberating off the massive walls, kind of an uncomfortable sound.

Unfortunately we had to traverse this slope, just like the ski school do to the backside.  Rock ridges blocked the direct fall line descent.

Aaahh, breakable crust nothing makes you feel more awkward on your skis.  That's me trying to hold forward pressure on my boots and flailing.  The middle of the chute (more south facing) had the toughest snow.  The bottom part was actually was in better conditions, more like chalk skiing where you can stay on the surface.

Shreddy skiing the exit chute I never thought about rappelling the cliff.  Why rap when you can ski.  For those who like the directissimo, good for you.  It's like what this old climber named Frank told me at Devil's tower.  When I asked about the ethics of the early climbers and their routes going to the top of the tower. "Ethics are like taking a piton hammer and smashing yourself in the balls." Well said Frank.

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