Thursday, March 5, 2009

Official Unemployed Notice

The big trip just went from 9 days to 14 days,  Everyone at work is freaking out, but its just another notch on the unemployment belt for me. Yay, I've claimed benefits from 8% of the states.  I'm glad my hand got forced.  Too much time in a building.  Its time to open some schussing runs.

I've missed you all terribly, my darlings.  The Skier Boyz mission statement has always been about opening new terrain, and I am glad to see you all fulfilling that mission.  Cascade.  Nebo. Wheeler.  All worthy.  Congratulations for getting out of your comfort zone.  I hope you all continue to explore the world around you.  You all have broken free of the terrible boundaries of the printed guidebooks.  That is so tubular.  We've come so far.  Use your trips to expand your horizons.  Each trip should spawn two more.

The big trip awaits.  This will be the biggest statement the Boyz have ever made.  One dark night the moon will be out.  We will look up at it and I will say, " You see that moon?"  You will see that moon and reply, "yes".   I will say "more people have walked on that moon than have skied in this valley"  

That is my hope for this organization

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