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Nebo (

March 1, 2009 ·
Xan, Christian, Ansel, and I went up to ski the highest peak in the Wasatch, Mt Nebo 11,928. We drove to the town of Mona and headed up Pole Canyon. Due to packed powder driving conditions Christians Subaru made it up quite a ways until we were shut down by an overgrown Christmas tree covering the road.

NW Cols off Nebo Summit
We skinned for about 500 vert from the car to the base of a slide path heading up Pole Canyon to the summit of Mt Nebo. For those of you familar with Wasatch skiing, it is like skinning up Argenta. We got to the top of the slide path on got on a ridge heading to the top of Nebo. You can see the ridge in the picture above and below this text.

Highest summit on Nebo 11,928.
We hiked up the ridge to the summit which is not as steep as it looks.

Summit Step. Look closely on the ridge and make out some mountain hikers with Timp and Central Wasatch in the distance.
After about 4 hours of hiking, route finding, and luncheon we got to the top and politely signed the summit register. (Sorry Uncle Keith)

Xan East side
Pictured above is the east facing cornish run we skied from the summit which was somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 vert. Sorry no altimiters here. Xan (the guy in the picture above) lives Gloucester Mass, sits on his sailboat year round eating Fenway Franks and drinking Harpoon IPA, then comes out to Utah for a week and slays it (not dragons, skiing).
Pictured below is the majority of the cirque we skied. What a massive slide path! We werent even half way down and had to turn around because we thought it was getting kind of warm and we had to hurry on up. 2,500 to 3,000 vert no big deal (sarcasm). But it wasn’t getting too wet and heavy and we should have gone further. Next time.

East side from the bottom...well almost

Christian on the NW col
We got back up to the top and skied the lookers left col off the NW face of Nebo. This thing was huge in vert and width. About 2,700 according to google earth. YIKES! Then the Argenta-esque slidepath to finish off a 5,500 vert ski trail. No big deal, I once met a man who told me that he skis 7,000 foot runs in the Selkirks all the time. I think his name is spraylord. Well hope you enjoy the trip report.- The Wiggler ( Guest Blog Skier Boy Todd Glew, from

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