Thursday, February 5, 2009

East Ridge of Timpinogos

(east ridge is in lookers left od photo, separating Big Provo and Cascade Cirque)

Todd and I, along with our friends Gramps, Dave, and Nate skied the East Ridge of Mt. Timpinogos. We started at 6:45 am skiing up Primrose Cirque and then up the Timpinogos Snowfieldto the Saddle. We traversed around the East Summit on the West ( Provo) face of Timpinogos and gained the east ridge. Conditions warranted the use of an ice ax or whippet when traversing as a fall on the southwest facing ice would have resulted in an uncontrolled slide ending up in some Mo-Mo shereefs yard. The east ridge was hands down my favorite ski descent ever in Utah or Colorado. 4,800 vert in total, with the upper portions being double exposed double fall line 45 degree ridge skiing with cliffs on both sides. We exited the ridge via an amazing exit couloir through the cliff bands and into Big Provo Cirque. The remaineder of the run consisted of various powder bowls, and a few chose your own chute sections, one in which i got a small wind slab to release. The tour ended at Sundace Ski area where Todd and I sussed the lifts and rode the resort for a while then sussed free pizza from the restaraunt, in true Skier Boyz fashion- Adam M. Lawton

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