Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 Ranges 4 Days

Uncle Keith this evening.  Sipping Hot Cocko.  Dreaming of RBGCs and Karl's ski gear for sale.
Its been clear and cold up here, below zero.  They say Redoubt is about to blow its stack, but I think all this hype will send the massive volcanic eruption elsewhere 
Saturday: Chugach: Hiland Trailhead, clear cold, 1" very angry inch.  There were a few debris piles
 from our big warm-up a couple weeks ago.  Rock solid frozen basketballs with that one angry inch....epganr
Sunday: Talkeetnas: Hatcher Pass: Kat, Annie K, and I rallied to the "Valley" to meet Tom and Chandra and Arlo (a.k.a. Spirit Heddy Crystal Dog) and to get our Palin Fever Booster Shots.  Clear, cold, and deep.  We skied a shot called Nose Bleed.  That might not be the name of it. The photo is of  Spirit Dog and Tom at the top.  The camera froze up after that.  About 24" of blower.  Made it into Wasilla for kickoff.
Today: Kenai Mountains: Sunburst.  Solo mission, sneak attack.  8" of windblown creamy niceness.  Clear cold.  
Congrats to Dylan for the BC podium
I'll do better about photos, can't wait to see y'all soon
yee haa

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