Friday, March 15, 2013


You might have heard of moon beam aka ohhhhhhVANdoh. You might have had the pleasure of a ride in this luxury motor coach. But for those of you not familiar with this fine automobile, here you are my pride and joy. A 1991 Toyota Previa. OhhhVANdoh has a mere 219 k on it. It also sports a futon mattress, 2 large pull out dawers, a picnic table, a bench for 2, a dash board for cooking, a full kitchen, a library, and a spice cabinet. Pretty sweet eh? Jealous? I bet you are.

Recently the catalytic converter go clogged and luckily I have a helpful neighbor with a welder. Made this job easy, about 1 hour of cutting and welding. I put in a new oxygen sensor today and am looking for a used oil pan now. Just a little spring maintenance before I head out on the road for the spring/summer/fall.

I bought OhhhhhVANdoh for $1100 and a batch of buttered chicken about two years ago from a friend of Purple Man Woman. Put about $1000 in parts into it and shes been running great since then. New radiator last summer, now a new cat/flex pipe for around $150. Big whoop. Hopefully she keeps running well this summer. Fingers crossed.

Being the happy owner of a mobile home is the essence of being a ski/climbing fanatic and feeling comfortable about not having much in the terms of fancy material goods and other things that don't really matter in the long run. Having the ability  to play in nature with your friends more often that not, no better feeling. I feel really fortunate to live the life I live and be a part of such a great organization, SKIER BOYZ!!! So if you see me cruising around in OhhhVANdo, honk or stop by to say hi.

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